Into the Light Index

Every day all over the world children are forced to live in the darkness of sexual exploitation and abuse. This is a hidden pandemic. The Into the Light Index highlights the prevalence of this problem by presenting global data. Behind every number is a young person and a need for urgent action because children can't wait.

infographic depicting online sexual exploitation and abuse in numbers

Paul Stanfield CEO, Childlight

Child sexual exploitation and abuse is a global health pandemic. It occurs in every country, is growing exponentially and is global in nature. However, this is a hidden pandemic, one that has been ignored and pushed to the side for far too long because the reality is often too difficult to contemplate.

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Paul Stanfield, CEO
Main Findings

Executive Summary

Childlight is a global data institute. We believe that no child should live their life in the darkness of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA).

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Indicator 1

Global Prevalence of Online Victimisation

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Indicator 2

Prevalence of Online Perpetration

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Indicator 3

Global Nature of Online Child Sexual Abuse Material

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